La plus grande des îles bretonnes

Belle île en mer's Island

Belle île "The well-named" island is much larger than one might think: four times the size of Ushant. Of volcanic origin, it is 17 km long (from Pointe des Poulains to Locmaria) and 9 km wide (from Palais to Port Coton), i.e. 85 km². The island is made up of numerous valleys which make it a destination for experienced cyclists! It is essential to take the time to discover the variety of its landscapes and to savour its unique atmosphere. When you land on Belle Ile, you should take your time, ideally between 5 and 10 nights out of season. In summer, a minimum of 15 days. Travellers fall under the spell of its beauty, its "micro-climate" and its gentle way of life! Total disconnection guaranteed!
Les impressionnantes Aiguilles de Port Coton peintent par Monet à Belle île en mer

The Island is full of sites to discover !

The island consists of 150 villages spread over four communes: Le Palais, Locmaria, Bangor and Sauzon.

There is a variety of landscapes between the wild and steep west side and the east coast, with its ports and long white sandy beaches.
Belle île is also an ideal place for walking and cycling, here to find out more about the island's walking and cycling routes.Located 15km from Quiberon (45 mn by classic" boatand 1h30 by sail) - 5,000 inhabitants all year round and 35,000 in July and August - 82 km of coastal paths - 80 km of signposted cycle routes - 58 beaches - A hospital, fire brigade, SNSM, gendarmerie, a "REX" cinema, an aerodrome...

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Plage - Les Maisons De Kerdavid'île - Locmaria

Locmaria : the most beautiful beaches are there !

Commune on which the houses of Kerdavid'île are located. Locmaria was founded in 1070 and is mainly devoted to agriculture.

It also offers spectacular coastal landscapes, with the highest cliffs on the island.

Its atypical church dates back to the origins of the commune.
In the village of Locmaria, there are several shops: a bakery, a supermarket, a bar-tobacco-grocery, a bicycle rental company, a crêperie and a restaurant. The market takes place every Wednesday.

Le Palais : the Island's capital where you arrive and leave

It is the main port of arrival from the continent. Worth a visit is the imposing Vauban Citadel, visible from the moment you arrive at the port with its fortified enclosure.
In the Palais, there is a wide choice of restaurants, cafés and shops! Market every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday and every day in July and August.
pointe des poulains - belle île en mer

Sauzon : the picturesque port, Sarah Bernard and Les Poulains !

Sauzon is famous for its harbour with its colourful houses which are a delight for painters and photographers !

The harbour still hosts some fishing boats, and has a growing marina activity.
Very pleasant to stroll around and always good addresses of restaurants. A must-see is the Pointe des Poulains and the Sarah Bernard fort. There is also a golf course with an exceptional view ! 
Mer - Les Maisons De Kerdavid'île - Locmaria

Bangor : the wild coast

The territory to the west, with its jagged coastline and impressive cliffs, such as the famous Aiguilles de Port Coton.

Donnant beach is also well known for its surfing.
The large Goulphar Lighthouse can be visited in season and is considered one of the most powerful lighthouses in Europe with a range of 50 metres.
Local shops in the village, close to the lighthouse is the restaurant "Le Kervi" ideal for families as well as the crêperie "Café Coton" or the shaded terrace "Chez Renée".
Why not try the treatments at the "Castel Clara" thalasso.