Access and map: how to reach us

How to get your location

Use the Google map to plan your route and locate the houses on the island. Cyclists: the shortest and most hilly route!
Be aware that the roads on Belle Ile are not wide and are often shared with cyclists and scooters... So you can ride "quietly".
On your first visit, you will be surprised by the entrance to the "vaults" at the exit of the port of Le Palais . The principle before entering is to make headlight calls so that motorists on the other side can see them. And don't panic: if a car enters at the same time as you, there is room for two cars in the vaults!

Itinery from Le Palais's Port

carte de l'itinéraire Le Palais vers les maisons de Kerdavid'île en voiture à belle île en mer

By car or motorbike

Leaving Palais, take the coastal road to Locmaria. The journey takes 15 minutes for 7.7 km. 
carte de l'itinéraire Le Palais vers les maisons de Kerdavid'île en vélo à belle île en mer

By bike

On leaving the port of Le Palais follow the signs to Locmaria with a green bicycle.

As you approach Kerdavid you will find specific signs for the houses. The journey takes about 30 minutes for 7.8 km.

Be careful in the valleys after Port Hallan and before the village of Tibain.

Les Maisons De Kerdavid'île

1568 Village de Kerdavid les maisons de Kerdavid'île, LOCMARIA, 56360, France

Access to your accommodation

There are 2 main entrances.

- The houses: "La Biche-2", "Le Bugul-3", "Port Andro-4" and "Grands sables-5" are located at the exact location of the GPS point - The houses: "Baluden-6", "Herlin-7" and "Bordardoué-8" are located at the first entrance, the closest to the farm. A little before the GPS point.